Sending congratulations to Aly and Liam on the launch of the newest Kismet Vintage location. These two have a lot of art and events in store and the kickoff was a great glimpse into what makes them so exciting to be around.

The party burned hot, standing room only in the 1000 square foot retail venue on Clematis ave and featured music from the incredibly talented Lindsey Mills (who also plays bass for surfer blood) accompanied by the Lazy Lovers. Check her solo work out here.  The Nervous Monks also played a lively set with the bass player facing towards the band which I thought was cool.


Lindsey Mills pictured with her guitar and the Lazy Lovers at Kismet Vintage WPB.


Later that night I ran into one of the greatest battle rappers of all time Iron Solomon leaving Respectables. This dude is a living legend. He is  the real life B-Rabbit character from 8 Mile. Eminem was not really that heavy in the battle scene and would likely lose if he tried to battle now. Iron has maintained his credibility for more than 15 YEARS and has an incredible battle against Dizaster that has a ton of replay value.

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