It is always an impressive homecoming when I get to DJ in Pittsburgh. There is a wonderful energy in this city in the Spring. I got to rock with one of my all time favorites DJ Nugget and celebrate his one year anniversary. I got to eat fries at the Original, had a Mineos pizza, and took a long walk through Blue Slide Park. I celebrated an extremely memorable passover seder and even survived to return back home to South Florida.

Thanks to Michael George, Grace, and Irene for holding down the dancefloor early. I was happy to record my 80 minute opening set and thought it went pretty well – made a couple mistakes but wanted to present it exactly the way it went down in Pittsburgh for you all.  I dug deep on this one but also played some of the songs I think are going to be hits in the next few months including aminé’s “REDMERCEDES” and mansionz’ “Dennis Rodman.”


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djbtips 04-08-17 01djbtips 04-08-17 04

Thank you to Evan Sanders for the photos.