zErOHihsIf you have a chance to see one of the true greatest to ever do something you buy the ticket and take the ride. Some of my most painful regrets are not seeing Michael Jordan, Jackson, Shack, Bird, Nirvana, Rage, Biggie Pun or Pac when I had the chance.

That’s why when Miami’s Craze comes to the low country you get dressed and hit the club. Speaking of club, Craze played at Deco, Charleston’s only true nightclub – a venue designed for dancing, with an excellent soundsystem and lighting as well. I was impressed and will certainly be back.


Sparkbox Live at Deco 2/16/2019

A local crew of DJs ‘Strawberry Squad’ booked him, and have AC Slater booked for this weekend. Basically these dudes run Charleston’s nightlife scene and have been getting bookings in Charlotte, Asheville, Myrtle Beach etc. Watch out for these guys! The night started with Palmer who was doing a trance/tech house set with a live production feel and a live saxophone who returned for the next set which was from Sparkbox. This was a much more eclectic set, opening with unrecognizable but quite danceable beats for the sax man to jam over and transitioning ultimately into a more conventional hit parade featuring the ubiquitous sicko mode and some clever transitions into 21 savage discussing the particulars of his bank account.


Ultimately Craze came on and went off! I’ve seen him a number of times in South Florida and the dude always puts on a show. He’s also a genuine person that I’m always happy to see doing what he loves. If you never saw his DMC winning performances or the ‘monster’ routine I will leave some of them here:

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