Finally got a chance to try out the ramen at warehouse, and caught jerryfeelsgood for the first time at faculty lounge before seeing kevbo open for James Kennedy (UK).


There’s so much talent in Charleston – and as it grows it just gets better. I hope that I’m able to shed some light on some of the locals here that keep on impressing me every time I take a stroll down the cobblestones.


The night started at Warehouse. I got a chance to try the ramen which was highly adequate but would’ve been better with homemade noodles and if I was allowed to pair the bok choy with pork belly (one or the other sadly).  There were a lot of bachelorettes in this establishment and each group had their own dress code. First came the denim jacket blondes. Then the asians wearing black. It was an interesting scene.


Afterwords I drove North to Faculty Lounge to explore this hole in the wall venue.  It was really cool, almost like a speakeasy or after hours club. Definitely felt DIY like body actualized in bushwick for example. The bartender was burning nag champa and the whole thing had a very fun feel with the mirror ball twirling and house music blasting courtesy of Jerry Feels Good. It wasn’t long at all before the dance floor filled up and the little tables were pulled into a back room. They also have a great cocktail setup, extra large ice cubes and all.


As soon as it started to really get interesting at Faculty I left for Mynt. I heard some other members of the Strawberry Squad (Charleston DJ consortium that includes basically anyone in town who you would want to hire for a gig) were throwing down and decided to head over. Just as an aside bringing the camera around with me in Charleston is really the move – it’s chunky enough that people really think of me as official even when I don’t bring the flash and I’m able to skip a lot of lines.


James Kennedy came on, sang a bit, yelled about champagne for the ladies in the front but didn’t see him pouring any. Was a good show all around however and I look forward to the next time I’m able to check this space out. The best part was definitely working the lights during his set – I forgot how much I love doing that. Until next time – follow our activities in Charleston, Miami and all around on Wise up!