1) 4 old white dudes dressed as cops – carrying Kendrick, Schoolboy Q and his boys down the street “settee” style

2) Black and White photography – with incredible shots of LA (but why not in 4K?)

3) Special Effects – Kendrick floating over the city and all of the reactions are so on point. This video just has an exciting mood!

4) Eye Candy – only two female models and probably 4 seconds of screen time between them but they make their point quickly.

5) Dancers – Pays homage to the pop and lock bay area styles

My only gripe is with some of Kendrick’s styling – the DSquared shirt looks like last Winter’s fashion (although this video may well have been shot back then)

What do you guys think?? Post comments.  We gon’ be alright!

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 11.39.47 AM