Very exciting moving Croc Mode to a new venue this weekend.  Also I finally met a Brooklyn local that I’ve looked up to literally since I started DJing – Cobra Krames.


Check out all the photos from Cobra Krames at Passion Lounge
With the advent of “Twerk” or TWRK music, there is now electronic jams at every single tempo that can set the crowd off.  It would be easy to discuss the importance of BMore club and Chicago Juke music as spawning this movement. Still more important, as discussed by my dear friend Alex Burkat is the idea that the style of dance can sometimes dictate genre as well as vice versa.  Twerk comes from competitive dance styles, most notably from the island cultures that were sexually repressed slave societies that gained independence in the 19th and 20th centuries.  In particular the Punta scene in Belize is an important originator of this style of dance.  Twerk the genre is similar to Bounce music but doesn’t focus on the brown beat as much, it’s also similar to moombahton in tempo, but sounds more like trap (the electronic form) with the heavy use of 808 drum samples. Here is a notable example of this emerging genre from TWRK, the production duo consisting of Benzi and 4Corners.

Cobra Krames is an important purveyor and crafter of Twerk music and has been making a ton of these edits and originals in the last few months.  His set was massive like I knew it would be and he was just a chill dude – hung out afterwards and represented well for his team “Gold Whistle.” Look for this sound to blow up this Winter as people use the heat generated from the rotation of their buttocks muscles to keep warm.  Heavy shout out to the Famous/BalloonUp/Audiofemme crew for the support on this event – here are some photos of us goofing off:



Thanks to all for coming out and getting wet and see you all September 29th at Bossa Nova Civic Club!